Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Low Carbon City

At the heart of our vision for a greener Birmingham is evolving the city from a fossil fuel based economy to a low carbon economy.

In our low carbon transition we will aim to -

• Minimise, reduce, reuse and recycle all waste

• Produce energy using low carbon energy sources and methods

• Use all resources more efficiently (especially energy)

• Where possible meet local needs by local and regional production – food, material, energy, services, etc

• Ensure there is a high awareness and compliance with environmental and social responsibility initiatives – industry, commerce and citizens.

This is a big challenge but also a massive opportunity.

To achieve this ambition the whole city will need to work together to make necessary carbon reductions from our homes, transport and business.

Our low carbon transition city will need a new infrastructure, innovation, products and services. We are working to develop the skills of the local population to attract new investment, promote growth and stimulate the local economy - providing growth and jobs to meeting the needs of the city and beyond.