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fCAF Training for Practitioners

The central fCAF team provides a variety of training on all aspects of the fCAF process aimed at front line practitioners and their managers in the children’s and adults’ workforce across the statutory, voluntary and private sector.

  1. Awareness Raising
    The initial element of fCAF training - this is a general introduction to the fCAF process which should be used by all practitioners and managers who work with children, young people, adults and families. This is an eLearning package and takes about 10 minutes to complete online. It is a pre requisite to the one day fCAF training.

    Available all the time just click on the link below to access the on-line eLearning package:


    Instructions for using the on-line package:

    1. Double click the ‘fCAF - Raising Awareness’ course in section 1
    2. Click the ‘log in as guest’ option
    3. Click the ‘enter button’
    4. Navigate through the course using the ‘< prev’ or ‘next >’ buttons

  2. One day fCAF training
    This training is aimed at all staff who are likely to be involved in the assessment process, contributing to fCAF interventions, who will be involved in completing the fCAF documentation and may who may act as the professional lead in casework.

    This 1 day course uses a group training methodology with trainers from the fCAF team in a multi-agency setting using a variety of learning styles.

    Training is offered at a range of venues across the city.

    Go to the CYPF booking site for fCAF training http://cypftraining.birmingham.gov.uk and click the fCAF icon.

  3. Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE)
    2 free courses are offered to frontline staff and managers:

    1. Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP) –
      a 2 hour briefing session aimed at all frontline staff to raise awareness amongst workers of the issues surrounding violent extremism and the City’s approach to early recognition and intervention

    2. Safeguarding against Violent Extremism –
      a 1 day course aimed specifically at managers, helping them to support their staff around this complex topic. Please note it is important that managers have attended a WRAP session before booking onto this course.

    Go to the CYPF booking site for PVE training cypftraining.birmingham.gov.uk and click the PVE icon.

  4. fCAF: Managers’ Overview

    These occasional briefing sessions are aimed at managers and team leaders supervising those working with children, young people and families using the fCAF process. It provides an update on current developments including quality guidance.

    Go to the CYPF booking site cypftraining.birmingham.gov.uk.

  5. For all other training offered by Birmingham City Council

    Go to the CYPF booking site cypftraining.birmingham.gov.uk.