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Champion for Disabled Children and Young People

The Disabled Children's Champion makes sure that disabled children and young people across the city are included, involved and take part in activities in the city; that they:

  • are listened to and included;
  • are confident to express themselves;
  • have choice and control over matters that affect their lives;
  • have increased social skills - ie: they make and sustain friendships;
  • have positive self-identity and esteem.

Organisations are required to show how disabled children and young people are:

  • involved in decision-making;
  • involved in the review, design and planning of services;
  • involved in consultation exercises;
  • provided with relevant support to achieve independence with access to advocates and peer support;
  • fully informed about the range of services available and have access to mainstream services; eg: leisure and recreation facilities, youth clubs and forums.

The Champion for Disabled Children and Young People is jointly funded by:
Birmingham City Council and the Children's Society charity.