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Local Code of Corporate Governance

The City Council has developed and adopted a local code of corporate governance which reflects the key components as set out in the CIPFA/SOLACE Framework Corporate Governance in Local Government: A Keystone for Community Governance.


Community Focus

In carrying out its duties and responsibilities, the City Council will:

  • Work for and with the local community

  • Exercise leadership, where appropriate in the local community

  • Undertake an ambassadorial role to promote the well-being of the City through maintaining effective arrangements for

  • Be accountable to stakeholders for its performance and the effectiveness in delivering its services and the sustainable use of resources

  • Demonstrate integrity in its dealings to build effective relationships and partnerships with other public agencies and the private and voluntary sectors

  • Demonstrate openness in all its dealings
  • Demonstrating inclusivity through effective communication and engagement with the local community

  • Develop a clear vision and corporate strategy in response to corporate needs.