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Involving Users and Carers

The National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 and the Children Act 1989 emphasise the importance of involving people who use or may need health and social care in the planning, monitoring and review of such services.

Birmingham Adults and Communities is committed to ensuring that users and carers are actively involved in the planning, management, delivery and review of our services.

Some of the practical steps in our Strategy are:

  • to plan our work and communications to allow sufficient time for consultation and involvement with users and carers
  • to respond positively to users and carers comments, compliments and complaints
  • to provide clear and accessible information at the right time
  • to establish a number of pilot projects in order to assess the implications of greater user/carer involvement.

In line with our commitment to Equal Opportunities, we believe that involvement is for everyone. We are using different ways and means of communication to reach all groups of people. These include the provision of audio-visual materials, interpreting and translation, advocacy and transport, to enable everyone who wishes to take up opportunities to become involved.

We aim:

  • to involve users and carers
  • to respect the right of people not to be involved if that is their choice.

Eligibility For Involvement

Any users, their carers and citizens of Birmingham are welcome to be involved.

Want More Information?

For more information you can contact:

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