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The Leasehold Team

The Leasehold Team is a dedicated team of officers who work with and support local housing teams and other departments to manage the council’s leasehold properties.

Some of the services the Leasehold Team provide include:

  • calculating and sending service charge, major works and ground rent bills
  • provide information about how charges are calculated
  • provide help and information about paying bills
  • recover arrears
  • provide advice about the lease and leasehold legislation
  • answer leaseholders’ enquiries
  • work with solicitors when leaseholders buy and sell their properties
  • consult with leaseholders about major repairs.
Contact the Leasehold Team
Postal Address Mole Street
B11 1XA
Email Address
Telephone Telephone Number: 0121 303 2147 / 2148

Local Housing Teams

Your local housing office can also help you with repairs, neighbour nuisance, estate services, for example caretaking, cleaning and concierge services.

Customer care

Our Service Standards, attached below, tells you what you should expect from us, whenever we assist you.

Customer satisfaction survey

Your views are important to us. They help us to continually improve our services.

We will send you a customer satisfaction survey every year. Please spare a few minutes to complete it so we know what changes our customers would like us to make.

Monitoring the standard of our service

We will monitor and report on our performance every month to the Leaseholders Liaison Board.

How to complain

You can contact any member of staff or use our online form, but it is best to contact your local housing team or the Leasehold Team.

If we can’t sort out the problem straightaway we will investigate your complaint. We will register it and then pass it on to an investigating officer. He or she will contact you within 15 days with a full response or to tell you what is happening. He or she will keep you informed every 10 days until the investigation is complete.