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Birmingham Youth Service: About Us

Birmingham Youth Service aims to provide young people with enjoyable opportunities, challenging experiences together with information, support and guidance to enable them to achieve and develop their skills, abilites, self esteem, value and identity in their transition to adult life.

The Vision for the Service

The service vision is to inspire young people to achieve, to focus on partnership working with young people, partner agencies and the Youth Service staff.

We aim to be a service that:
  • is shaped by the needs and aspirations of young people as individuals, groups and communities.
  • is increasingly managed and delivered by young people in partnership with youth workers and youth work managers.
  • offers a broad range of experiences and opportunities, at every level, which are described by young people, ourselves and partners as 'inspiring young people to achieve'.
  • is acknowledged as a high performing Youth Service and, in setting high standards, is able to influence and shape other services for young people locally and nationally.