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CHP Programme

CHP Programme

The Sustainability and Energy Management team at Urban Design have taken a lead in project managing the development of the million Combined Heat and Power scheme in Birmingham.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP), unlike conventional forms of power generation, puts to use the by-product heat that is normally wasted to the environment.

CHP is a recognised way of substantially decreasing CO2 emissions, and the district scheme proposed for Birmingham will have a significant impact on helping the city to meet its emission target of a 60% reduction by 2026

Urban Design was awarded a grant to develop the scheme under the government Community Energy Programme. The CHP scheme is being delivered by the City Council in partnership with Utilicom Ltd, the UK leading developer and provider of community and district energy schemes. The contract with Utilicom was signed in December 2006 and the first Scheme in the Broad Street area of the City Centre was fully operational by October 2007.

Broad Street scheme and a Queens Award

The current CHP scheme is running efficiently across the Broad Street City Centre Energy Network. This provides hot water for heating and electricity and cold water for air conditioning to many of Birmingham most prominent buildings. These include:

  • The International Conference Centre
  • The National Indoor Arena
  • The Town Hall
  • The Council House
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • The RepTheatre
  • The Paradise Circus leisure and retail area
  • Cambridge and Crescent
  • New Birmingham Library (2013)

Moving Forward

The success doesn stop there. The team are currently identifying other areas across the City centre to grow this initiative. The first phase of a the Eastside CHP scheme is now under construction as contracts where signed with Aston University in June 2008. Additionally, Birmingham Childrens Hospital is now connected to the scheme and supplies heating to Lancaster Circus. These two schemes are well positioned to expand as well as having the potential to interconnect with each other by using the proposed Birmingham New Street network as a hub.

For more information on this project and other initiatives please contact the Energy Management team on 0121 303 6511.

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