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Urban Design Site Investigation

Urban Design Site Investigation

Urban Design undertake specialist services where our experienced staff can offer solutions tailored to your needs:

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Our Site Investigation section offers a unique, in-house service to Birmingham City Council and the private sector, overseeing the design, implementation, and evaluation of geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigations.

  • UD Site Investigation has a comprehensive collection of digitalised archives with access to various City maintained data sets specific to the Birmingham area.
  • UD Site Investigation in collaboration with external data suppliers are able to offer extensive environmental data for sites located outside the Birmingham area.
  • UD Site Investigation has a proven record in all types of exploration techniques, from hand excavated inspection pits to Rotary Core drilling.

  • We have dedicated contractors who, in committing themselves to our stringent working practises, ensure that the most adequate and cost effective exploration methods are applied.

Our services include:
  • Desk studies into previous usage of sites.

  • Geotechnical e.g. foundation design.

  • Geoenvironmental e.g. assessments for contaminated land.

  • Landfill gas emission monitoring and risk assessments.

  • Consultancy on planning issues relating to ground conditions.

For further information please contact:
Bob Manders
0121 303 6967