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Trading Standards - Sunday Trading

If you want to open your shop on Sundays you need to be aware that there are restrictions on the number of hours you can open for. Small shops are exempt from these restrictions. If the retail area of your shop is less than 280 square metres then you can open for as long as you wish. However, large shops (with a retail area of over 280 square metres) are only allowed to open for any 6 hours on Sundays between the hours of 10am and 6pm. They are not allowed to open on Easter Sunday (or Christmas Day when it falls on a Sunday.)

You must display the Sunday opening times both inside and outside your shop.

Birmingham residents and businesses can request advice or assistance on any Trading Standards issue by e-mailing tradingstandards@birmingham.gov.uk

For full details on how and where to request assistance or make a complaint see our Trading Standards Contact page


Public Houses, Off-Licences and take-aways (opening hours for these are governed by their licence requirements)

Chemists and pharmacies (where only medical goods are sold)

Shops in railway stations

Petrol filling stations and service areas

Motor accessory shops

Farm shops

Exhibition stands

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