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Company TravelWise


The aim of Company TravelWise in Birmingham is to help employers work with their employees to improve travel choice and provide alternatives to the car especially for the journeys to work.

In partnership with Centro and National Express West Midlands, Birmingham City Council offers numerous benefits to both the employer and their employees to aid and encourage the development of alternative ideas presented in Company TravelWise in Birmingham.

Company TravelWise in Birmingham now covers over 200,000 employees from over 420 organisations across the city. These organisations include hospitals, universities, shops, manufacturing outlets, offices, retail parks, entertainment complexes and supermarkets.

Benefits of the scheme include:

  • discounted annual travel passes for bus, rail and metro (including 50% discount for one year in some cases)
  • reduced price bulk purchase of one day travel passes
  • discounted bicycles
  • journey planning
  • bicycle journey planner
  • BikeBudi
  • cycling maps
  • Bikeability training
  • professional advice and support
  • employee travel survey with analysis
  • public transport information and timetables
  • staff travel awareness sessions
  • car park management plan for the employer
  • information on telecommuting, alternative fuels and eco driving
  • possible improvements of public transport services to the workplace
  • information on cycling, walking and safe routes
  • opportunities for business forums to develop regarding transport matters.

If your company is interested in joining the scheme, please contact the number below to find out more about how we can help you, or fill in the affiliation certificate request slip below and return by post, email or fax. On receiving this, we will send you two Company TravelWise Certificates.

Once these are signed and a copy is sent back to us, your organisation has affiliated to the scheme and will now be entitled to the discounts and advice offered above.

For further information please contact:
0121 303 7863

Please send completed forms to:
Company TravelWise
Transportation Services
PO Box 14439
1 Lancaster Circus Queensway
B2 2JE (B4 7DQ sat nav)

Affiliation Certificate Request Slip

 PDF (Size: 179 Kb Type: pdf )