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Civil Ceremonies

Naming, Re-affirmation of Vows and Commitment ceremonies are available in Birmingham to residents and visitors. They have no legal status but provide an opportunity to create a meaningful and shared experience for couples and their families.

The venue, number of guests, involvement of other friends or relatives and ceremony content can be chosen to create a personalized event.

Telephone numbers and application details can be found below, together with the fees involved and the methods of payment.

Naming Ceremonies

A Naming Ceremony is a very special way of celebrating the arrival of your child and welcoming them into the family and the wider community. It is also a good opportunity to declare, before family and friends, your promise to be as good a parent as you can, and for adult friends or relatives to confirm their special relationship with your child.

A fully trained professional celebrant from Birmingham City Council will carry out the ceremony according to the choices you make. Any parent can make the arrangements, or anyone else who has parental responsibility or legal guardianship of the child. Parents do not have to be married, neither is the Naming Ceremony just for babies, children of any age can have a naming ceremony. You may wish to include your older children in the ceremony as well as your new child.

Naming Ceremonies do not have any legal status. They are simply something that you, as parents can choose to do as a personal and public gesture of love and commitment to your child. Unlike a birth certificate, which is a legal document, the commemorative certificate issued is not intended for use and is unlikely to be accepted as proof of identity.

An original birth certificate for the child(ren) must be shown to the Ceremony Co-ordinator when booking your ceremony and the names on that certificate will be incorporated into the ceremony.

Re-affirmation of Marriage or Civil Partnership Vows

This ceremony is for any couple married or in a civil partnership, who wish to celebrate by renewing their marriage or civil partnership vows in a unique and personal ceremony.

Often these ceremonies are associated with a special anniversary, such as the tenth, twenty-fifth, fortieth etc, but the ceremony is just as appropriate for couples at any stage of marriage or civil partnership. Many couples who marry or form a civil partnership abroad choose to renew their vows in a special event held for family and friends on their return.

Re-affirmation of Vows Ceremonies do not have any legal status. A celebrant will conduct your ceremony, according to your choice of declarations, readings and music etc. A commemorative certificate signed by yourselves, witnesses of your choice and the celebrant is provided as a memento of the occasion.

An original marriage or civil partnership certificate for the parties must be shown to the Ceremony Co-ordinator upon booking your ceremony.

Commitment Ceremonies

A Commitment Ceremony is a meaningful and dignified ceremony for adult couples of any gender. The purpose of the ceremony is to make a public declaration of life-long commitment, love and dedication between two people. The occasion can be shared with family and friends or, if your prefer, the ceremony can be held in private without guests.

As with the other ceremonies, a professional celebrant will conduct the ceremony. They will meet with the couple prior to the actual occasion to offer advice and discuss requirements. A commemorative certificate signed by yourselves, witnesses of your choice and the celebrant is provided as a memento of the occasion.

Neither the Commitment Ceremony nor any document issued as part of the ceremony has any legal status and cannot be used to establish legal rights. The ceremony must not be confused with any form of legally valid marriage or civil partnership nor is it legally binding on those who choose to participate.

The ceremony will not be available to those who are still legally married to another person or those who are currently within a legal civil partnership with another person. Both parties must be eighteen years of age or over.

Approved Premises Bookings:
If you wish to hold your ceremony at one of the Approved Premises in Birmingham, you should first contact the Ceremonies Representative at the venue to check the availability of your chosen date. Then contact us to check that we have staff available on the date that wish to hold your celebration. You will need to provide us with an Approval Holder's Letter(Form CC3) which you will receive from the venue and we can then finalize your booking.

Register Office bookings:
If you wish to hold your ceremony at the Register Office, you should check availability for your chosen date with us before finalizing any other arrangements- contact us on the number below.

The total payments due, depending upon your personal booking are listed below. The full payment must be made no later than 10 weeks before the ceremony takes place.

Monday Friday Ceremonies £310

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Ceremonies £400

For more information about these ceremonies, please contact the Ceremonies Co-ordinator.

Telephone:0121 675 1000 choose option 4 then option 2

E-mail: register.office@birmingham.gov.uk

The Ceremony Co-ordinator
The Register Office
Holliday Wharf
Holliday Street
B1 1TJ

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