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Corporate Performance Monitoring - Performance History

The Council reports on its performance measures each quarter (June, September and December) and at the end of the year (March), a final report is produced looking back over the year.

Our Quarterly Monitoring reports are submitted to Cabinet each Quarter and posted on Democracy in Birmingham. Additionally, a summary of our performance against all Council Plan Measures each Quarter is attached below. If you wish to view our performance reports click on the links listed below. You will however, first need to open the Democracy in Birmingham webpage in a separate web-browser or tab. This will then enable the links below and direct you straight to each report.

Please note this page is updated throughout the year with performance against the Council Plan Measures. If you would like to find out more about the corporate performance monitoring email performance@birmingham.gov.uk

Reports (click on the links below to access)

2015/16 Quarter 2 (April - September 15) Cabinet Report for November 2015 meeting

2015/16 Quarter 1 (April - June 15) Cabinet Report for 22nd September 2015 meeting

2014/15 EOY (April - March 15) Cabinet Report for 29th June 2015 meeting

2014/15 Quarter 3 (April - December 14) Cabinet Report for 16th March 2015 meeting

2014/15 Quarter 2 (April – September 14) Cabinet Report for 17th November 2014 meeting

2014/15 Quarter 1 (April – June 14) Cabinet Report for 15th September 2014 meeting

2013/14 End of Year (April 13 to March 14) Cabinet Report for 30th June 2014 meeting

2013/14 Quarter 3 (April - December 13) Cabinet Report for 17th March 2014 meeting

2013/14 Quarter 2 (April - September 13) Cabinet Report for 18th November 2013 meeting

2013/14 Quarter 1 (April to June 13) Cabinet Report for 16th September 2013 meeting

2012/13 End of Year (April 12 to March 13) Cabinet Report for 24th June 2013 meeting

2012/13 Quarter 3 (April to December 12) Cabinet Report for 4th March 2013 meeting

2012/13 Quarter 2 (April to September 12) Cabinet Report for 19th November 2012 meeting

2012/13 Quarter 1 (April to June 12) Cabinet Report for 3rd September 2012 meeting

2011/12 End of year (April 11 to March 12) Cabinet Report for 16th July 2012 meeting

2011/12 Quarter 3 (April to December) Cabinet Report for 5th March 2012 meeting

2011/12 Quarter 2 (April to September) Cabinet Report for 28th November 2011

2011/12 Quarter 1 (April to June) Cabinet Report for 5th September 2011 meeting

2010/11 End of Year (April 10 to March 11) Cabinet Report for 25th July 2011 meeting

2010/11 Quarter 3 (April to December) Cabinet Report for 14th March 2011 meeting

2010/11 Quarter 2 (April to September) Cabinet Report for 13th December 2011 meeting

2010/11 Quarter 1 (April to June) Cabinet Report for 18th October 2011 meeting

2009/10 End of Year (April 09 to March 10) Cabinet Report for 26th July 2010 meeting

2008/09 End of Year (April 08 to March 09) Cabinet Report for 27th July 2009 meeting