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Perry Barr Constituency: Background Introduction

General Character

Perry Barr Constituency stretches northwards from the inner city to the City boundary with Sandwell and Walsall Boroughs. It is traversed by a number of important transport routes including the M6 motorway and the Birmingham - Walsall railway line; and a major radial road to Walsall (A34) which forms part of the City's Strategic Highway Network. The Constituency benefits from close links to the M5 and M6.

As with most of the City the predominant land use is housing. There is, however, a substantial area in business/industrial use between the inner city and suburban parts of the Constituency. This area is also fairly well provided with public open space.

On the north western edge of the Constituency, Sandwell Valley forms part of the
Beacon Regional Park, a major recreation facility. The central part of the Constituency has increased in importance as a focus for activity as a result of a major shopping development and has potential as a suburban office location and for the further development and promotion of The University of Central England and the Alexander Stadium, which are of national significance.

The population of the Constituency is around 101,000 in 2001 and includes a high ethnic minority content in Lozells & East Handsworth and Handsworth Wood Wards. The Constituency's unemployment rate tends to approximate to the City average but with considerable local variations. Perry Barr Ward has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the City (often lower than the national average). Lozells & East Handsworth Ward tends to have a high unemployment rate (sometimes approaching twice the City average).

The Tame Valley Area of Industrial Regeneration which includes the Holford Business Park and The Hub (formerly IMI Witton)

In parts of the Constituency there is potential to capitalise upon the network of canals, rivers and linked pieces of open space. Localised improvements to this network could greatly improve its attractiveness for leisure uses, nature conservation and also as a wildlife habitat. These possibilities especially apply to Perry Park, Perry Hall Playing Fields and linkages westwards. The City Council will encourage the continued protection and enhancement of the Sandwell Valley as a major recreation resource.

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