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Bromwich Wood Local Nature Reserve


Bromwich Wood Local Nature Reserve

Site name: Bromwich Wood

Grid Reference: SO998811

Ward: Bartley Green

Vice-county: Worcestershire

Planning Authority: Birmingham City Council


Bromwich Wood lies immediately northeast of Bartley Reservoir, adjacent to Scotland Lane. The county boundary with Worcestershire runs along two edges of the site. The boundary along the south west edge is marked by a dry ditch and bank.

Summary Description:

A little over 3ha of ancient semi-natural woodland. Pedunculate oak is the dominant species, although in some areas wild cherry is abundant. Surrounding land-use consists of a housing estate to the north, amenity grassland to the north-east and improved, grazed grassland to the west and south-west.

Site Status:

The site was declared a Local Nature Reserve on 20 September 1991.
Ancient semi natural Woodland (ASNW) and SINC (Site of Importance for Nature Conservation).
The site also falls within an area identified as Green Belt.