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Kings Heath Park Pool Redevelopment

At the heart of the Park was an area which was often referred to as 'the forgotten wilderness'. It comprised of mature trees and shrubs which for more than 40 years had become overgrown and neglected. In fact, some people who could remember the park at the turn of the century, commented that it had always been like that.

The decision was made to completely redevelop the area. Visitors to the park can now see the pool development. Designed by Mike Hinton, the work was carried out by the City's Parks department and students from Pershore and Bournville Colleges.

The central feature, which comprises of a pool with fountains, viewing and seating areas, new pathways, extensive planting of trees and shrubs (both native and exotic) is a careful blend between high quality landscaping and nature conservation. Incorporated into the design are exotic plants, tree ferns and phoenix palms, which bring a touch of the Tropicana to Kings Heath Park. There is certainly no need to visit Florida when you can sit under a palm tree in the park!