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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Buying and transferring a market stall

Traders will need to attend the Markets Customer Centre by 8.30am to check for availability to buy a Rag Market stall and by 9am to buy Open Market stalls.
This page provides you with information on the processes of purchasing a market stall for the Bullring Rag and Open Markets.

Traders can trade on a casual basis at the following:-

Each market day, a Market Officer will compile a list of all the casual traders in attendance, in order of priority. Preference will be based on the number of attendances and/or the rarity of the goods being sold. A survey of the market will then be carried out to identify any available stalls. These stalls are then distributed to the traders based on their priority.

Stalls are sold on an individual day's trading basis. For example a stalls availability may change from Tuesday to Wednesday. There is no automatic right to use the stalls on any given day.

Documentation and evidence for a casual registration form

All casual traders must complete a Casual Registration Form which is used to record their personal details and every time they have attended for a casual stall. This is to be completed on the first morning the trader attends.

To complete a Casual Registration Form you will need:

  • a passport must be seen along with proof of the traders address such as bank statements and no more than 3 months old.
  • all traders must carry Third Party Public Liability Insurance to indemnify themselves from claims for personal injury. This insurance can be obtained from most insurance brokers or through specialist bodies such as the National Market Traders Federation.
  • the traders National Insurance Number must be provided
  • a recent photograph of the trader is required. This is kept on file for reference purposes.

Traders may be refused a stall if they do not carry one or all of the items stated above.

Transferring a market stall license to another trader

Traders are allowed to transfer their stalls but it is essential that approval from the Markets department is obtained before this takes place.

Transfer of a licence can be refused if the proposed intended business conflicts with the existing guidelines. For example if the purchaser intends to sell hot foods this is a strictly controlled line or if they intend to sell a line in close proximity to an existing trader selling the same line.

Foreign Nationals

If a citizen does not have a British passport then proof of an approved Right to Work document is required. This document can be found from the following: www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration

Contact Us

For more information please call the Markets Customer Centre on: 0121 464 8349 or 0121 303 0302.

You can also send an email to: marketstalls@birmingham.gov.uk