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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Information for Drivers and Operators

If you are a new or existing Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Driver or Private Hire Operator this page provides you with important information and advice.


We operate an appointment system for all the Licensing services we provide. Please contact us if you need to apply for or renew your driver's licence, or to apply, renew, transfer or replace your vehicle licence.

By operating an appointment system we seek to ensure that drivers are not inconvenienced by being off the road longer than is necessary. So if you cannot attend your appointment for any reason please let us know immediately in order that an alternative appointment can be made.

Please note that if you are more than ten minutes late for an appointment you will be rescheduled for the next available appointment


Changes have taken place since we had a number of Consultation days with Disability groups.

  • Additional vehicles are now allowed to be licensed as Hackney Carriages. (The Peugeot Euro7, Fiat Eurocab, and the Mercedes Eurocab).
  • We are piloting Disability Awareness Training Days to provide drivers with the skills they need when carrying customers with a disability.
  • We have provided details, through a bulletin, of what we have done and will be doing, to disability organisations.
  • We have provided a list to disability organisations of operations providing vehicles with access to persons with a disability.

Disability Awareness Training Course for Private Hire Drivers

It is a requirement for obtaining your Private Hire Drivers Licence to attend and pass the Disability Awareness Training Course provided by the Disability Resource Centre.

You must book and pay for the course directly with Disability Resource Centre. For Disability Awareness Training enquiries please call 03030 40 20 40.

Further information can be found in the Disability Awareness Training Course Booking Form attached below.

Application Forms

Application forms for Drivers Licence, Private Hire Operators Licence and Vehicle Application are attached below.

Things to remember

Help us to provide the best service we can, and ensure that you comply with your conditions of licence.

  • Always let us know if you receive any Conviction, Caution, or Motoring Endorsement within 7 days in writing to the Licensing Section. (If it is a motoring endorsement do not wait for your licence to come back from the DVLA before telling us).
  • If you sell or transfer your vehicle licence you must inform the Licensing Section in writing within 14 days, stating the name and address of the person you have sold the vehicle to. Make sure you get the plate changed from your name into their name.
  • We need to keep you up to date with any changes, help us to do this by letting us know your current address at all times.
  • Changing operations? Then let us know before you start work with your new operator!
  • Remember you can only ply for hire if you are a licensed Hackney Carriage driver of a Hackney Carriage vehicle. If you are licensed for Private Hire then you can only do jobs that are booked through your Operator.
  • Always wear your badge when acting as a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire driver.

Remember: we are here to help you if you are unsure about any licensing issue then contact a member of the licensing staff who will try and help you.

Trade Liaison

We meet with Hackney Carriage and Private Hire representatives every two months and this gives us the opportunity to discuss any proposed changes and/or problems or other issues. In this way we try to ensure that we are working together to improve standards for everyone involved.

You can also check our newsletter "Driving Forward", for the latest news and information. A copy of the latest issue of Driving Forward is attached below and include lots of information, advice and news.

Your Views

We are always interested in hearing from you about the services we provide. Did you know that we have a Your Views that you can either complete and forward online or alternatively pick one up the next time you call at our office, see address below. Once you have completed this form and passed it to us we will, if possible, act on it and make changes where necessary. We will keep you informed of what we do, and also if we cannot do anything. Remember not only can you tell us when you are unhappy, but also when we are getting it right. This helps us to build on the services that we already provide.

REMEMBER, if you are licensed for Private Hire do not ply for hire or stand on Hackney Carriage Ranks because you will be caught which may result in you being prosecuted.

For further information please use the Hackney Carriage (Taxi)/Private Hire Request Advice/Assistance Form or contact the Hackney Carriage (Taxi) & Private Hire Team - see contact us page.