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Search engines, ICT and e-mail
Free e-mail
Search engines
Basic computer skills

People and Places
Birmingham current information
Birmingham's Heritage
Museums and Galleries
Family History
Tracing People
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Route Planners
Maps modern and historical
Individual countries

Current Affairs
War against Terrorism
Birmingham Newspapers
National Newspapers
International Newspapers

Archives and History
Research Websites for Archives
Holocaust Memorial

Libraries and Reference Sources
Libraries in the UK
Reference Sources

Learning and Employment
Birmingham Grid for Learning
CV Web Sites
Learning English

Trade Unions

Daily Living
Health in Birmingham
General Health sites
Mental Health sites
Older People
Race equality
Web sites for Asian women
Consumer issues
Black British sites
Gay and Lesbian Information
Community Information
Car journey route planners

Help and Advice
Lone Parents
Sites for carers
Refugees and Asylum Seekers


Sports and Hobbies
Local Football Clubs
Sport for disabled people
Art and Crafts

Literature, Reading and Creative Writing
Please see the attachment at the bottom of this screen for a list of all arts related web sites
Writers with Birmingham connections
Literature Resource Centre
International writers
Black writing
Black and Asian British Fiction Writers
Creative writing
Books and Reading
Free books online
Translation web sites
New !Online foreign dictionaries
Performing Arts and Entertainment
Birmingham Bands
Music links
TV and Radio
New !Films

Image and Design
Please see the attachment at the bottom of this screen for a list of all arts related web sites
Images of Birmingham
Image based sites
Fine and Applied Arts
Websites for Digital Photography

Government, Law and Citizenship
Local Government in Birmingham
UK Government
Official Publications

Business, Economics and Finance
Business information
Directories and other reference tools
Finance links

Science,Technology and Innovation
Think Tank- the Discovery Centre at Millennium Point
Birmingham Inventors
General Science and Technology
Medicine and Health
Agriculture, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Environment
Patents and Intellectual Property

Children and Young People
Sites for Children and Young People
Homework web sites

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