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Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick

Patrick was born around the late 300 ADs and lived in the west of Scotland. At the age of 16 he was captured by Irish pirates and taken to Ireland. During six years there, he became a shepherd and also looked after cattle. After escaping back to Scotland, he was led by powerful visions from God, to return to Ireland.

Leaving his family he went to Europe to train as a Cleric. He led a life converting the Irish to Christianity from 432 AD. Basing himself in Armagh, he spent thirty years preaching and performing miracles, converting many people.

He founded a monastery and filled the country with Churches and schools. He died in Saul, County Down in Ulster and is said to be buried there in a church.

St. Patrick day is every March 17th.

St. Patrick's Day celebrations

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated all over the world. Huge parades of people from the Irish communities take part in them and the most famous ones take place in Dublin and New York.

In non-Irish communities, anyone can become an "honorary Irish" person for the day and partake in music, dancing, dressing up in green wigs, drinking green beer and having a good time!!!

What St. Patrick would make of this, is anyone's guess!

Books about Saint Patrick are available from Birmingham Libraries

Try a keyword search in the Library catalogue

The following books can be used (but not borrowed) in the Social Sciences Library, Floor 4, Central Library.

Who Was Saint Patrick - E.A. Thompson 274.1801 PAT
Butler's Lives of Saints AQ270.0922 BUT
St. Patrick and Irish Christianity - Tom Corfe location A274.1801 PAT
Life and Writings of Saint Patrick - R.P.C. Hanson A 274.1801 PAT
Living Legend of Saint Patrick - Alannah Hopkin A274.1801 PAT

The last four are kept in the Store, so you will need to ask the staff for them.

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