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How Can Children Join the Library?

You can join at any age - the younger the better !

You can get a form from any Birmingham Library or open and print off the form attached at the bottom of this page. Don't forget to ask your Mum or Dad or someone over 18 in your family to sign it to say it's OK for you to join. Then take the completed form to your local library and we will give you a free library card, which you can use straight away.

You can borrow books, stories on CD and music

You can borrow up to 8 books (including stories on tape or CD) and keep them for up to 3 weeks. It is FREE to borrow books and story tapes/CDs.

Please remember to bring them back so that others can read them too.

Some libraries have music CDs.

You can borrow up to 8 CDs for up to 14 days. Under 18s pay 60p per CD. Can't find the CD you want in your local library? If it is available in another Birmingham library we can order it for you free of charge or you can reserve it yourself online. Find out more about music in libraries and which libraries have CD collections.

Library joining form for children and young people

 (Size: 160 Kb Type: pdf )