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Edgbaston District Service Integration Head's Welcome

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Steve Jarvis, Service Integration Head
First of all, welcome to these pages and thank you for taking the time to find out more about Edgbaston District. I hope you will feel that the information provided here, and through the other links, is helpful and of use. If it is not, then please suggest how we can improve our website and we will try to accommodate those comments, as far as possible.

Edgbaston District is situated to the South and West area of Birmingham. It covers a range of differing neighbourhoods, stretching from the central part of the city right out to the margins. As such, there are a range of differing interests, needs and opportunities within Edgbaston District.

As you may be aware, under the current economic climate, the City Council, along with many other organisations, faces a period of challenge in meeting required savings while trying, as far as possible, to maintain and try to improve frontline services, wherever we can.

This is clearly not an easy task, but it is important to state that your local District Office Team is committed to providing and supporting citizens by continuing to provide frontline services which we know are so important to local people and visitors to Edgbaston.

Over recent years the district has looked to provide both good financial control as well as the delivery of value for money for the direct services we operate. This continues to be important as we look to maximise our impact within our spending limitations.

Councillors and officers will continue to work together with the local community to identify and establish local priorities, and then seek to realise those within the scope of the direct service areas we operate. There will be a District Plan developed and the District Committee will be responsible for ensuring that proposals are turned into actions for the benefit of local people and visitors to Edgbaston.

We urge all citizens who are interested in what is going on around them to attend their local ward meetings to participate and become involved in the future operation and development of their ward and the services provided within them.

Despite the challenges we face, there are still many reasons to celebrate, work together and to improve local services for local people and visitors. While the District Chairman, Councillor Bruce Lines has highlighted a range of successes to date, there have been several other improvements across the district in recent years, including the examples that follow:

  • We have invested well over £600,000 in our local parks making physical improvements, adding new play or activity areas, providing seating and waste bins, resurfacing old pathways, improving car parking as well as restoring buildings that have needed refurbishments.
  • We have retained our three public libraries and found a means to maintain services despite the economic pressure we currently face.
  • The district has just commissioned an apprentice scheme in an effort to make positive interventions to assist those leaving school or college education and beyond to become skilled and ready for work.
  • The new Harborne Pool and Fitness Centre, the greenest council sport and leisure facility to date, has recently been commended at the West Midlands Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Awards
  • The district, through allocations of funding made available by ward Councillors, has supported a range of initiatives including Queens Jubilee celebrations during 2012.
  • We have continued to provide an outlet and focus on our young people through running the ‘Edgbaston’s Got Talent’ initiative, where young people from each of the four Wards of Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton can showcase their various talents and finally compete for the overall awards in their respective categories.

I hope that you have found this useful and that you will be able to use and benefit from the range of services the Council and District provide on your behalf. If you wish to participate in your local ward activities then please find out about your forthcoming meeting venues and dates or call us to ask.

Edgbaston District undoubtedly has challenges into the future. We have achieved quite a lot so far, but there is still much to be done to make a range of improvements in a number of service areas. However, Edgbaston will remain a great area within the wider city of Birmingham.

Steve Jarvis

Service integration Head

Edgbaston District

Local Services

Tel: 0121 464 6049