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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Inspection Guide for Householders

The Site Inspection Stage

This is where we inspect and approve the building work carried out on site. You or your builder will need to inform us when the building work reaches certain stages, so that we can visit the site to inspect the work.

The number and types of inspections will depend on the complexity of the building work. The Surveyor may also make additional visits to check on work in progress.

Final Completion

When all building work is complete the surveyor will carry out a final inspection. This needs to be done within 5 days of the work being complete, preferably before the builder leaves the site. This is very important, as we can not issue a Completion Certificate until we have made the final inspection. The completion Certificate is an important document that the owner will need if they sell the property.

Key Stages

* Commencement
* Drainage
* Foundations
* Damp-proof
* Joists Level
* Steelwork
* Roof Construction
* Completion