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Quinton Cemetery

Quinton Cemetery
Quinton Cemetery

Contact us:
0121 303 7043

Halesowen Road
West Midlands
B62 9AF

Quinton Cemetery Office is open Monday - Friday between 8:00am and 1:00pm only. Telephone calls made outside of these hours may be answered at another cemetery office, and therefore information available may be limited.

The opening hours of the cemetery grounds are not affected - please see the table below.

Opening Hours



Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

January, December

08.30-16.00 hours

10.00-16.00 hours

February, March, April,
October, November.

08.30-16.00 hours

10.00-17.00 hours

May, June, July, August,

08.30-16.30 hours

10.00-17.00 hours

Special times for opening and closing apply on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Quinton Cemetery was opened in January 1923 as the 2 churchyards from Quinton Parish Church had reached full capacity. The history of the cemetery dates back to 1911 when the City Council initially approved the purchase of 45 acres of land between Halesowen Road and Narrow Lane (forming part of Hagge Farm) for the purpose of a cemetery. Since that date, several acquisitions of land have been made and other areas transferred, sold or exchanged resulting in the present total area of 51 acres.

A new chapel, office and registrars house, were erected in 1936, of which only the office and house now remain.

Grave Sections

Full graves, children's graves and cremated remains graves are available. Sections are designated as Free Church, Roman Catholic, Consecrated and there is also a section for use by the Chinese Community. Burials can take place in either private or public graves.

Bricked grave spaces are also available at Quinton, located in the older, traditional areas.

Sanctum Units

The Sanctum unit is an above ground vault made from polished granite which will securely accept two cremated remains caskets. The spacious tablet is supplied with a small motif as standard with the first inscription.

Standard units are available in the Rose Garden - options are offered for a 15 or 25 year lease period.

Garden of Remembrance

Quinton Cemetery has had a Garden of Remembrance since 1994. This is used for the scattering of cremated remains.

Grave Memorials

Quinton has sections which permit Lawn A and Lawn B type memorials. Lawn A memorials are without bases, Lawn B memorials have bases. The remainder of the grave is turfed over, although up to 18" (46cm) from the memorial may be cultivated. No fences, kerbing or chippings are permitted.

Small pockets of land for traditional memorials are available. Full memorials running the length of the grave are permissible. No fencing is allowed.

A copy of the Rules and Regulations relating to the cemetery can be obtained from the office.

Octagonal Planters

Within the Garden of Remembrance is an octagonal memorial planter, on which can be mounted inscribed memorial tablets of polished red granite inlaid with gold lettering. In addition to the tablet there is a posy vase at the base of the memorial.

Temporary Memorials - Grave Markers
(up to 24 months)

Perspex Grave Markers are offered with or without a wooden ground fixing stake and can be fully personalised. These are available in either Gold or Silver.

Inscriptions can be complimented by the addition of motifs or photographs.

For further details and prices please speak to a member of the cemetery office.