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Cemeteries and Crematoria - Warstone Lane Cemetery


Warstone Lane Cemetery

Area 7 acres. Opened in 1848 by the Birmingham Church of England Cemetery Company and acquired by the Birmingham City Council under a compulsory purchase order in 1951. No new graves available.

Warstone Lane
B18 6NN

(Administered from Handsworth Cemetery ).
0121 464 0096

Number 101 Bus from Birmingham City Centre; Jewellery Quarter rail & Metro station. To view a location map for Warstone Lane Cemetery, please follow the link at the foot of the page.


Birmingham City Council is carrying out an inspection programme to check the safety of memorials in its cemeteries.

The work follows Ministry of Justice Guidance to all councils to conduct regular checks to ensure memorials are maintained in a safe condition. The Council is obliged to take remedial action to make safe any memorials designated as an immediate danger to the public. This involves placing notices upon the memorial, temporarily support the memorial, laying the memorial down or fencing them off to users of the cemeteries.

Although the Council will take safety action the ultimate responsibility for the safety and stability of memorials remain with the grave owners.

Birmingham City Council will attempt to contact owners at their last known address to arrange to have the memorials refixed by a professional stonemason. Some of the records will not show a contemporary address so the Council is urging families to ensure staff have up to date details by contacting the office at Handsworth Cemetery.

The inspection methods are recommended by the National Association of Memorial masons and endorsed by the Institute of Cemetery and Cremation Management. The work follows a number of incidents in other parts of the country where unsafe memorials have collapsed and injured or killed visitors.

Memorial safety testing will commence in Warstone Lane Cemetery from week commencing Monday 31st October 2011.


The Cemetery will be open to visitors: -



Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

January, December

08.30-16.00 hours

10.00-16.00 hours

February, March, April,
October, November

08.30-16.00 hours

10.00-17.00 hours

May, June, July, August,

08.30-16.30 hours

10.00-17.00 hours

Special times for opening and closing apply on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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