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Cemeteries and Crematoria - Crematorium Rules and Regulations

Cemeteries and Crematoria - Crematorium Rules and Regulations


In these Rules and Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires, the word:

"The Council" means the Birmingham City Council.

"Crematorium" means the Chapel and other building, and

"Crematorium grounds" means the Garden of Remembrance and all other grounds, of the Crematoria at Lodge Hill, Sutton Coldfield and Yardley.

"Superintendent" means the Superintendent/Bereavement Officer at any one of these Crematoria.

1. The Crematorium grounds will be open to visitors: -



Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

January, December.

08.30-16.00 hours

10.00-16.00 hours

February, March, April,
October, November.

08.30-16.00 hours

10.00-17.00 hours

May, June, July, August,

08.30-16.30 hours

10.00-17.00 hours

Special times for opening and closing apply on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

2. The Crematorium Office is open for business from 08.30 hours. to 16.30 hours Monday to Friday except specified holidays which include Good Friday, Christmas Day, Easter, Spring etc.

3. Arrangements for cremations must be made with the appropriate Crematorium Office at least two clear working days before the proposed hour of cremation and during the times of public business. Details of the arrangements must be confirmed to the appropriate Crematorium Office on the prescribed printed form.

4. Cremation Services shall normally take place between the hours of 09.00 hours and 16.00 hours the last service is normally 15.30 hours. Cremations are not permitted on any Saturdays, Sundays, specified holidays that include Good Friday, Christmas Day, Easter, Spring etc.

5. The statutory forms of each cremation completed in a legible form shall be submitted to the appropriate Crematorium Office by not later than 10.00 hours on the working day preceding the day of the proposed service.

6. Relatives or others unable to arrange for their own Minister to officiate must notify the appropriate Crematorium Office not later than 10.00 hours on the working day preceding the day of the proposed service.

7. The duration of the service or ceremony in the chapel shall not exceed 20 minutes unless prior approval has been granted by the Registrar. Services will normally be booked at 30 minute intervals.

8. In order that appropriate arrangements may be made whenever possible, every endeavour should be made to notify the appropriate Crematorium Office if a large number of persons is expected to attend a funeral.

9. Funeral corteges and all persons attending the Crematoria grounds shall be required to follow directions issued by the Superintendent or nominated Officer.

10. If a funeral is late the service will take place as soon as possible after the appointed time at the discretion of the Registrar or Superintendent. A fee will be levied as detailed in the Table of Fees and Charges.

11. The Funeral Director is responsible for the provision of sufficient bearers to convey the coffin reverently from the hearse to the catafalque.

12. Full settlement of all fees and charges in respect of Cremation must be made payable to Birmingham City Council and sent to Finance Department, Revenues, Lancaster Circus, Birmingham B4 7DQ, within seven days upon receipt of invoices.

13. Applications for memorial schemes must be accompanied by the appropriate remittance - cheques etc. and made payable to Birmingham City Council and sent to the appropriate Crematorium Office.

14. The body of a person shall not be accepted at the Crematorium unless in a coffin bearing a nameplate establishing the identity of the body contained therein.

15. The coffin must be made of an easily combustible material, traditional wooden coffins or ecologically friendly coffins will be permitted. Resinous or badly seasoned wood must not be used in the construction of coffins. No metal furniture or fittings whatever shall be used on the coffin, nor metal of any kind in its manufacture except as necessary for safe construction, and then only metal of a high ferrous content. There must be no crosspieces or fittings on the bottom of the coffin. Sawdust, charcoal and cotton wool must on no account be used. Suitable sealing material may be used, but no rubber, pitch or similar substance will be permitted. All coffins will need to be constructed to satisfy the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

16. The maximum size allowed for a coffin is -

Length 7' 0" (213.36 cm), width 29" (73.66 cm), depth 18" (45.72 cm).

Advice must be sought from the Crematorium Office if there is a need to exceed these sizes.

17. No person shall be allowed to enter the committal room without the permission of the Registrar or Superintendent. In cases where the representatives of the deceased wish to see the coffin placed in the cremator, four representatives will be permitted to enter for this purpose.

18. After the cremation the cremated remains shall be given into the charge of the person who applied for cremation as desired. A suitable and secure container shall be used for all cremated remains leaving the Crematorium and a receipt will be required on a form supplied by the Council. Alternatively the cremated remains may be strewn in the Garden of Remembrance on the applicant's signed authority on a form provided and on payment of any fees due.

19. Except as provided for in Regulation 18, the cremated remains will be sealed in a simple urn and retained in the Crematorium for a period not exceeding three months and be subject to the prescribed fee. On the expiration of the period and after 14 days notice has been given to the applicant by post, the cremated remains will be strewn in the Garden of Remembrance.

20. All flowers brought to the Crematorium or the Crematorium grounds shall be placed where directed by the Superintendent, and shall not be removed therefrom without permission. Cellophane or similar wrappings should be avoided. Unsightly flowers will be removed.

21. Flowers may only be placed in the Crematorium with the permission of the Registrar or Superintendent. The introduction of privately owned vases, containers or memorials is not permitted into the building, Garden of Remembrance or the grounds.

22. The permission of the Superintendent shall be obtained before any objects in the Crematorium or grounds are photographed or video recordings are commenced.

23. At times when the Crematorium is not in use for Cremation or funeral services, the public shall be admitted at the discretion of the Superintendent.

24. Motor vehicles may enter the Crematorium grounds only if an occupier is on Crematorium business. Vehicles must not exceed 5 M.P.H. and must not obstruct driveways and side walks.

25. Visitors shall keep to the drives and paths provided.

26. No child apparently under the age of 12 years will be admitted into the Crematorium or Crematorium grounds unless under proper care.

27. No dogs except Guide Dogs for the visually and hearing impaired shall be permitted in the Crematorium grounds.

28. No person shall canvass or solicit orders in the Crematorium grounds.

29. Musical instruments or appropriate sound reproducing equipment shall be permitted in the Crematorium grounds with the permission of the Superintendent.

30. The Council reserves the right to decline to undertake cremation for any good and sufficient reason.

31. All fees and charges shall be in accordance with the scale of fees and charges for the time being adopted by the Council.

32. Any Rules and Regulations previously in force in respect of the Crematoria are hereby superseded.

The Council may from time to time make alterations to the foregoing Regulations.