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Sutton Trinity Ward

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Ward Background

Holy Trinity Parish Church, Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Trinity Ward came into existence in 2004, and is named after the town's Parish Church. The boundary reorganisation that took place in that year, led to the remodelling of all Sutton Coldfield Wards. (See map link at the base of this page).

Amongst other features, Sutton Coldfield Town Centre, Good Hope Hospital and Town Gate (perhaps the most well-known entrance of Sutton Park) are situated within in Trinity Ward. Other significant sites and buildings include Wyndley Leisure Centre, Birmingham Metropolitan College (Sutton Coldfield Campus), Sutton Coldfield Town Hall and Council House.

Bishop Vesey's Grammar School and Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls are also located in the Ward.

Trinity Ward consists of the neighbourhoods of Tudor Hill, Maney, New Hall Manor, Falcon Lodge, Whitehouse Common, Withy Hill and Little Sutton as well as the busy commercial centre of Reddicap Heath. Sutton Coldfield's Crematorium on Tamworth Road and the town's two cemeteries are also found within the Ward boundaries.

Trinity Ward covers a significant amount of public and private open space, most notably Rectory Park and the land extending north-east between Lindridge Road and Bassetts Pole. The Ward is served by Sutton Coldfield station which stands on the 'Cross-City' line as well as bus services running from Sutton Coldfield Town Centre to a range of destinations. Good road links to neighbouring towns and cities and easy access out to the wider strategic road network are all within a short distance.

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