Birmingham City Council

Green Route - Bordesley Green East/Bachelors Farm Recreation Ground (CV-2)

Birmingham Cycle Revolution

Bachelors Farm Recreation Ground links Eastfield Road to Bordesley Green East. The site is open grassland with desire lines crossing the public open space.

The proposed route is to form part of the Cole Valley Walking and Cycling Route and link north of the railway line to Bordesley Green East, through Bachelors Farm Recreation Ground. The route starts at the Eastfield Road entrance leading to Bordesley Green East junction.

A proposed 2.5m wide tar spray and chip surfaced route will follow the existing desire line across the existing grass surface. Additional stone is allowed within the cost to raise the path to help with any potential drainage issues. A proposed cross fall of the path of 1 in 50 will assist the water runs across easily. Following the completion of the surface wearing course on the proposed route an additional sweep will be included to remove any loose chippings.

The exact location of where the proposed path meets the Bordesley Green Road will be relative to the proposed Toucan crossing.

Plans showing the proposed scheme for Bordesley Green East/Bachelors Farm Recreation Ground (CV-2), as well as a materials sheet to illustrate what we hope to achieve are available below: