Birmingham City Council

Green Route: Stratford Road - Green Road - Sarehole Mill

Birmingham Cycle Revolution

This route consists of three sections:

Stratford Road to Formans Road (Blackberry Way) (CV-17)

An existing worn path, 1.5m wide, is in need of improvement and widening. The path route is located within dense vegetation. The existing path is proposed to be widened to 2.5m width and resurfaced with tar spray and chip. Works will require vegetation clearance as this is generally overgrown at present. At the entrance point a timber finger post will be installed. Any open entrances will include a retractable k barrier, these will initially be installed at the widest point.

Green Road to Stratford Road (CV-19)

The proposed route is an existing worn bitmac path, 1.8m wide. The surfacing is in considerable need of improvement. There is dense vegetation either side of the path which requires some reduction to improve visibility. The route will follow the existing pathway, widening, where possible, to 2.5m width. The path will be resurfaced with tar spray and chip and where possible the path will be built up to avoid being under water during any future flooding and to avoid major tree roots. Where the vegetation falls onto the existing path, this will be cut back/removed as required.

Consultation is now open on this section of the route and will close on Wednesday 30 April 2014.

Sarehole Mill Recreation Ground (CV-20 & CV-21)

The site forms part of the Shire Country Park, containing wetlands, grasslands, woodlands and heath. The existing site is open grass land and no footpath exists at present. The route leads to the visitor centre at Colebank Road where an existing footbridge is located which is in need of replacement. A new 2.5m wide tar spray and chip path will be laid with timber edgings. Additional stone will be included for areas subject to flooding or which are badly drained. A crossfall of 1 in 50 will be installed to enable the water to naturally flow away from the path. Where the new pathway crosses the river there is an existing footbridge, this will be replaced as the current bridge is in bad condition. The replacement bridge will be 2.5m wide. This section of the route is within a highly sensitive area and therefore careful consultation will be required.