Birmingham City Council

Green Route - Ackers Adventure site and Manor Farm Road Park

Birmingham Cycle Revolution

Ackers Adventure Centre provides outdoor recreational and environmental activities for the whole community and in particular young people and those with special needs. Facilities include a ski slope, climbing walls and towers set within 70 acres of semi-rural land. There are existing pathways throughout the site of varying condition and width. The aim is to encourage cyclists through the site and link them to the Manor Farm road park along the cycle way.

An improved access route from the canal to the visitor centre building is proposed where the gradient is currently very steep. Existing paths will be upgraded, and where possible will be widened. The route along the waterway will be opened up improving visibility. The cycle route will include a replacement footbridge adjacent to the climbing station. An existing timber bridge connects the site to the Manor Farm road park.

A 2.5m wide tar spray and chip path will be laid where physically possible with timber edgings. Additional stone will be included for areas subject to flooding or which are badly drained. A crossfall of 1 in 50 will be installed to enable the water to naturally flow away from the path. The path will be swept remove loose chippings.

Timber finger posts are proposed at each entrance. Sections of the proposed route are within flood zone 3 subject to a moderate risk of flooding. The existing path will be improved and where possible built up to avoid being under water during any future flooding.

There are sections of the route which are physically restricted where a 1.8m wide pathway will only be able to be achieved. At these locations there is sufficient visibility on the approach and gradients are not steep.

The existing steep track from the canal to the visitor centre is the main issue at the site. The woodland track is proposed to be re-graded and widened to achieve a safer gradient. Signs to warn of the change in level will be included. Along the riverside route, it is proposed to reduce the vegetation as visibility around the long corner is limited.

Plans showing the proposed scheme for Ackers Adventure site and Manor Farm Road Park as well as a materials sheet to illustrate what we hope to achieve are available below:

Subject to weather and ground conditions, the estimated construction start date is July 2014 with completion by October 2014.