Birmingham City Council

Green Route - Chinn Brook Recreation Ground

Birmingham Cycle Revolution

Consulation is now open on this route and will close on 30 April 2014.

Chinn Brook recreation ground forms part of the Shire Country Park. The site contains wetlands, grasslands and heath. With a natural character and sensitive wildlife across the site, Chinn Brook Recreation Ground is a very attractive and popular local park.

A 2.5m wide tar spray and chip cycleway and footpath is proposed along the route to the north of the River Cole. This route is on lower ground to avoid impact upon views across the site. The proposed route is the furthest from property fences bounding the linear site.

Within the proposals the existing 1.8m wide route, at the western end of the site will be resurfaced with tar spray and chip. Due to there being sufficient space either side of these routes to allow cyclists to pass it is not proposed to widen them. The existing edging boards are in good condition. The path will be swept remove loose chippings.

Located within the Shire Country Park, the site is sensitive from a wildlife aspect. Works proposed will need to be implemented with minimum disturbance to the surrounding site. Archaeological issues include the presence of a burnt mound within the site which will need to be avoided. Also the resurfacing works towards Highfield Road cross the former headrace of Trittiford Mill. The Landscape Architect will work with the Birmingham City Council Archaeologist to satisfy any concerns.

Plans showing the proposed scheme within Chinn Brook Recreation Ground as well as a materials sheet to illustrate what we hope to achieve are available below:

Subject to weather and ground conditions, the estimated construction start date is July 2014 with completion by October 2014.