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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Safer Cycling

Birmingham Cycle Revolution


Make sure your bike fits you properly, that you can control it comfortably and it is roadworthy. Get your bike assessed by a local bike shop if you are unsure how to do a full check.

  • Dress to be seen so wear something bright or reflective.
  • Ensure your bike has front and back reflectors.
  • When cycling in the dark, make sure you have good working front and back lights.
  • We recommend that you wear a helmet when cycling, to provide protection.

Tips when out about on your bike

  • Feel confident in your riding ability. Be able to...
    • Hold a straight course
    • Signal without wobbling
    • Look behind you over your shoulder
  • Don't ride in the gutter, ride about one metre out. This avoids drains and grit, makes you more visible and prevents cars passing where there is not enough room.
  • Be predictable. Be decisive. Signal in plenty of time and avoid hesitant or sudden manoeuvres.
  • Always obey traffic regulations they are there to keep yourself and other road users safe. The Highway Code includes a section just for cyclists.
  • Think ahead. Keep looking and listening. Look out for pedestrians crossing, cars pulling out, car doors beginning to open and hazards in the road surface.
  • Make eye contact with other road users wherever possible.
  • Never ride up the inside of any large vehicle when it is turning you cannot be seen.
  • Drivers: Please give cyclists plenty of room, particularly when overtaking.
  • Fit and use a bell, especially on shared paths, to warn pedestrians in good time of your approach.
  • Be a courteous and considerate cyclist. Always give way to pedestrians on a shared cycling and walking path and remember that pedestrians do not always hear you approaching.
  • Always be prepared. Carry a puncture repair kit and tools with you and know how to use them.
  • Enjoy cycling!