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Recycling - Green Box

Most households in Birmingham who have a recycling service now have a green box.

If you do not have a green box or would find it easier to use a green bag, please call 0121 303 1112.

Your recycling is collected every two weeks on the same day as your refuse, with the blue and green boxes collected one week and the green garden waste sack the other week (unless you have been told otherwise)

If you are unsure about when your collection weeks are, please call 0121 303 1112.

Green box

What can I put in my green box?

Yes please:

Green box - yes
  • drink bottles
  • household bottles
  • metal lids from jars
  • wine bottles
  • toiletry bottles
  • aerosols
  • beer bottles
  • spirit bottles
  • food cans
  • drink cans
  • other tins
  • jam jars

No thanks:

Green box - no
  • plastic tubs
  • yoghurt pots
  • drinking glasses
  • pyrex
  • food cartons and trays
  • carrier bags
  • mirrors
  • light bulbs
  • polystyrene
  • foil

If in doubt, phone and find out

0121 303 1112

Please leave your box(es) out on the edge of your property, as near to the street as possible, by 6am on the day of collection.

Birmingham City Council current offers 2 other doorstep recycling schemes:

Blue box - Paper and card

Green sack - Garden waste