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Update of Stirchley Baths Develoment

A follow up community stakeholder meeting was held on 6 September 2012 to feedback on the activities that had taken place since the last meeting on 2 August, and to try to finalise plans to be presented to the Planning Department.

What has happened?

  • The Heritage Lottery Fund bid was submitted on 22 August
  • A meeting was held with Bond Street residents on 29 August
  • An officer updated residents on the development of the Baths at the Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum meeting on 13 August
  • Officers attended the Stirchley Prospects Event on 11 August
  • Information and plans sent out to all community stakeholders and also information placed on the Selly Oak District web pages
  • Officers made a presentation to Bournville Ward Committee on 5 September
  • Comments have been received from stakeholders, many of which have been taken on board with the newly drafted plans.

Main Amendments to Plans

  • Front entrance will now also be wheelchair accessible as pavement widening seems possible
  • Options drawn up for wider 2-way vehicle access to the side
  • Rooms within the centre will be more flexible and multi-use rather than tied to one particular activity
  • Ensuring measures to minimise noise and light pollution and increased security in the car park area
  • Car park is still one of the main concerns, with the majority of residents still wanting it, but a significant number of concerns on the reduction of green space.

The plans will now be submitted to planning. A target date of October has been set, dependant on being able to present option two regarding vehicle access to the car park.

Former Bowling Green Held In Trust

  • Nigel Oliver from the Council's Local Property Services presented the background and proposals to undertake a 'land swap' of the former bowling green behind the Baths with land known as 'RSPB Woods' in Cannon Hill Park
  • The redundant bowling green land is currently showing in the plans as the car park and play area
  • The attendees at the meeting asked if another land swap closer to Stirchley could be found, which Nigel Oliver will look into
  • Please note, whenever compensatory measure is finally accepted, for this to progress there are a number of requirements as outlined in the presentation
  • The presentation and associated papers are attached below

Umbrella Group

There has been a good response to the request at both the community stakeholder meetings for local people to come forward if they would like to be in an Umbrella Steering Group for the new building, particularly to look at the future programming. The first meeting will be called in the next few weeks

Project Officers Group

It was agreed that a community stakeholder representative should also attend the Council's Project Officers Group. Nominations were put forward.

Building Refurbishment Timescale

Dependant on successful heritage lottery funding building works are now due to start in Summer 2013 and it will be a 12-month build with a prospective opening in September 2014.

Another full community stakeholder meeting will be held in October.

Please feel free to share the attached information to other community members and use it for your own blogs, websites, tweets and so on.

Please contact Karen Cheney at Selly Oak District Office if you would like any further information or clarification.