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Development of Stirchley Baths Site

Stirchley Baths - Site Development

 A community stakeholder meeting was held on 2 August at Stirchley Community Centre to discuss the proposed development of the Stirchley Baths site. The meeting was very well attended with lots of very useful comments and ideas which we will take on board.

Attached at the bottom of this page are the planning documents from the consultation exercise carried out in March, plus the revised draft plans following the consultation. Amendments made in response to feedback from the consultation exercise include:

  • more multi-purpose flexible spaces
  • better storage
  • better "flow" through the building.

Karen Cheney and Mark Sloane will be contacting residents in Bond Street to look at the particular issues that were mentioned during the last meeting. Karen is happy to attend individual community group meetings, such as neighbourhood forum, to update and inform on this particular project.

It is important that we get the range of activities at the proposed centre as inclusive, creative and wide ranging as possible. We need to know what will work and what potential there is over and above what is already offered at Stirchley Community Centre. If you are interested in being part of a small working group to look at this issue, please let Karen Cheney know as soon as possible.

Please feel free to share the attached information to other community members and put them on your blogs, web sites, tweets and so on. The wider the distribution of information, the more feedback we receive and the better the outcome.