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WMPCP Meeting Papers 26 November 2012

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Agenda and Published Reports for WMPCP 26 November 2012

The meeting included a Q&A session between Panel members and the new Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones, and also a Confirmation Hearing for the appointment of Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Panel's Letter of Recommendation for the appointment of Deputy PCC and the PCC's response are attached at the bottom of this page

What is a Confirmation Hearing?

The Panel must hold Confirmation Hearings when the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) proposes to make an appointment to the following offices:

· Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner

· Chief Constable

· Chief Executive

· Chief Finance Officer

The PCC must notify the Panel he wishes to make one of the above appointments, and the Panel has three weeks to respond to him with a recommendation as to whether the appointment should be confirmed. The Panel must invite the candidate to attend a Confirmation Hearing to answer questions relating to the appointment before making a recommendation.

The PCC may choose to accept or reject the Panel's recommendation and must notify the Panel of their decision. The appointment cannot be made until the end of the confirmation process.

Confirmation Hearings are held in public. The Panel will deliberate in private and will publish its recommendation.

Meeting Papers and Confirmation Hearing Letters