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PATHS® (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies)

PATHS® (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) is a social and emotional learning (SEL) programme for primary school children.

It is an early intervention programme based on a curriculum developed in the US to improve social and emotional literacy, leading to benefits such as improved self control, greater ability to solve problems, a calmer more cohesive learning environment and increased educational attainment.

The PATHS® team offer advice, guidance, support and training for teachers, senior leaders, parents and midday supervisors on the teaching of the PATHS® curriculum. The programme is designed for use with all pupils in primary schools and can be used in special schools.

If you are a school new to the curriculum, we will provide comprehensive training and coaching for teachers as well as providing PATHS® curriculum files and resources. Our aim is to ensure that teachers have the knowledge, understanding and confidence to deliver the curriculum in order to achieve the transformative outcomes for children and their families.

The team are experienced PATHS® coaches and trainers, and receive ongoing support from the PATHS® team in the US as part of their continuing professional development.

  • “I think PATHS® works so well because it’s a very interlinked approach about feelings, friendships and relationships with other children and conflict resolution. They’re so intertwined and for them to deal with those real life situations they’ve got to be more in control of their own emotions. There’s so much more discussion work and it creates a real powerful base for them to take those skills into real life.”

    class teacher

  • “Before [PATHS®] my son was very difficult to handle. His communication was quite poor. He didn’t express himself. But since PATHS® has come in, it’s completely changed his behaviour. I think it’s the communication, that’s why it works so well”


  • “I like PATHS® because it’s really enjoyable and you learn a lot of things like how to control your emotions better and how to calm down.”


If you are one of the 60 schools currently using the programme we offer ongoing training, guidance and support for teachers and the wider school community. Where needed, additional resources can be purchased.

PATHS® is a trademark of Channing Bete Company, Inc.

The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) is the copyrighted property of Carol A. Kusche Ph.D., Mark T. Greenberg, Ph.D. and the Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group and is distributed under license by Barnardo’s.

Enquiries about the original PATHS® programme should be directed to the Channing Bete Company, Inc., www.channing-bete.com

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