Birmingham City Council

School Admissions and Pupil Placements Service

The School Admissions and Pupil Placements Service (which brings together the former Admissions and Appeals Service and Pupil Connect Service) works closely with all types of schools and academies in Birmingham to offer support and guidance in relation to school admissions and appeals, missing pupils (ie those who have left school without trace), elective home education, pregnant pupils and school age parents, Key Stage 4 students who are placed in alternative education, and the quality assurance of all alternative education provision in Birmingham.

Based within one of the largest admission authorities in the UK, our highly experienced team offers a comprehensive Appeal Administration Service. For details of how to subscribe to this service please see our leaflet below.

The School Admissions and Pupil Placements Service also:

  • works alongside, academies and free schools to provide guidance and support in relation to pupils who have become disengaged from education;

  • has a team of experienced learning mentors that offers support to KS4 pupils who are not able to engage in ‘school based’ education and where the school, academy or free school, pupil and parents are all in agreement that an alternative KS4 education provision is the best option to safeguard the pupil’s future outcomes;

  • undertakes a systematic quality assurance programme for all the alternative providers we use to ensure that safeguarding requirements and educational outcomes are met.

For more information about any of these services, please contact the Head of Pupil Connect.

Contact for Business Enquiries:

Julie Newbold
Head of School Admissions and Pupil Placements

Telephone: 0121 303 1888


Michael Innocenti
Head of Pupil Connect

Telephone: 0121 303 1888