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Permanent Exclusion



1 The Headteacher decides to Exclude Permanently
2 The City of Birmingham School (formerly the Behaviour Support Service) contacts the family to arrange a meeting and discuss full time education provision from sixth day of exclusion. The parent / carer will be invited to attend a planning meeting with the City of Birmingham School to discuss the interim and possible future placement of the pupil.
3 A copy of the permanent exclusion form and other related papers will be sent to the parent / carer and copied to:
  • Governors Discipline Committee
  • Exclusions Team
4 A Governors' Discipline Committee will meet within 15 days of the date of the exclusion to decide whether or not to have the pupil back in school (reinstate).
5 The family (including the excluded pupil), Headteacher and Exclusion Team should be notified of the date of and be invited to attend the meeting of the Governors' Discipline Committee.

Prior to the meeting, documentation concerning the permanent exclusion should be sent to all parties
6 The parent / carer may put their case in person or in writing to the Discipline Committee. The Committee will be made up of school Governors, (minimum of 3).
7 The Discipline Committee meeting will take place. The Governors will make a decision regarding the pupil's future at the school.

The Governors can make one of two decisions (refer to 8 and 9 below).
8 The Governors can decide to reinstate the pupil. Therefore he / she would return to school on an agreed date.

This decision would mean that the exclusion process is now over for the pupil. However, the school may wish to implement a Home / School agreement and can access support from the City of Birmingham School.
9 The Governors can agree with the exclusion and uphold the Headteacher's decision to exclude. The parent / carer can be told this decision at the meeting or in writing. A letter confirming the governor’s decision should be sent out to all parties without delay.
10 A parent / carer may challenge this decision and has a right to request a review by an Independent Review Panel.

Both the Clerk to the Governors and the Exclusion Team can give the parent / carer information on how to do this in writing.
11 If the parent / carer does not wish to appeal they may wish to inform of their decision by contacting the Exclusions Team.
12 If the parent / carer wishes to appeal they must write giving grounds for appeal to:

Council Regulatory Team, Democratic Services Division, The Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BB

OR in the case of an academy, the Academy Trust (address details should be included in the governors’ decision letter).

This must be done within 15 school days of the date of notification of the Governors' Decision.

The Council Regulatory Team / Academy Trust will then make contact with the parent / carer to confirm the meeting date for the Independent Reveiw Hearing. The meeting will take place within 15 school days of the Committee Section receiving the request to appeal.