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Education Welfare Service

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The work of the Education Welfare Service (EWS) focuses on these key areas:

School Attendance

The Education Welfare Service promotes the importance of regular school attendance and investigates the causes of poor attendance. When a young person has a record of absences, or has stopped going to school altogether, Education Welfare staff work with
parents and carers, school staff and other agencies,
including the Courts, to restore attendance.

Child Employment and Entertainment Licensing

The Education Welfare Service investigates and monitors employment undertaken by young people aged 16 years and under, to ensure that it is legal and safe and that it does not harm or interrupt their education. As part of this it is responsible for issuing Work Permits and Licenses to employers and also Approving and Registering Chaperones, to safeguard children in entertainment. There are strict laws that govern the part-time employment of young people, even those undertaking a paper round. Strict laws also apply for young people taking part in performances, filming, modelling assignments, sporting activities etc.