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Consulting you on the speed limits in Central East Birmingham (area A2)

This consultation closed on Friday 8 August 2014, results will be published soon.

Following city-wide public consultation on the principles of 20mph speed limits in residential areas, local centres and near schools, Birmingham City Council has approved a pilot 20mph speed limit project. This will take place in parts of the city where there is strong support for 20mph speed limits or where there are concerns about road safety based on the number of casualties, particularly for children.

This consultation relates to the Central East Birmingham pilot scheme. This is the second of four pilot schemes. It covers the wards of Bordesley Green, Washwood Heath, and parts of Nechells, South Yardley and Hodge Hill.

The scheme will cover most residential streets but will not cover “A” or “B” roads or main bus routes other than in local shopping centres. Near to schools on main roads we are considering variable 20mph speed limits that would only operate at certain times.

20mph Overview Area A2

All existing 20mph areas will remain. In new areas, the speed limit will be shown using signs and road markings only. There will be a pair of road signs at the point where the speed limit changes. 20mph roads will also generally have round 20mph sign painted on the surface of the road. In some locations where parked cars would cover these road markings then we would use small road signs mounted on lamp posts or other poles. There will be no new traffic calming, such as speed bumps, introduced as part of this scheme.

20mph speed limits are just one element of a package of measures to reduce vehicle speeds, improving road safety, the environment and public health. A city-wide publicity campaign will take place around the same time that the pilot scheme is implemented to show people the benefits of driving at 20mph on residential roads. In order for 20mph limits to work to maximum effect a majority of drivers will need to stick to the new limits, which is why it is so important for them to understand the reasons behind it. Over time, driving at 20mph on quieter residential roads will be second nature – in the same way that wearing a seatbelt now is. We will also be working with local schools, workplaces and in communities to promote road safety to all road users.

20mph speed limits will be enforced by the West Midlands Police, in the same way that other speed limits are now. We are working in partnership with the Police to agree the details of enforcement for 20mph speed limits in Birmingham.

There are six detailed street by street plans showing what the proposed speed limit on every road in the area would be under the proposals. In order to find the road or roads you are interested in, you can refer to the overview plan above, or look up road names alphabetically. The alphabetical list this will tell you what speed limit is proposed for that road, and also give the reference number for the plan that shows that road.

View consultation on speed limits in Central South Birmingham (area A3).

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