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Key Stage 1 & 2

Role Play Equipment - nursery/pre-school children

A two week loan of our role play equipment is an excellent way to reinforce the Pedestrian Training packages offered by the Road Safety Education Team. Fun, interactive and versatile, these resources can support the teaching of road safety within your curriculum. The equipment is most suitable for 3-6 year olds, but can be used effectively with older primary school children and children with learning difficulties. Included in the role play is a zebra crossing mat, belisha beacons and a pelican crossing.

Clever Crossing - Yr 1 & 2 pedestrian training workshop

A 45 minute in-class road safety session aimed at Year 1 & 2 pupils as the first stage in learning about road safety. Children will learn about the Green Cross Code, the importance of holding hands and who can help us to cross the road.

An optional on-road training session can be added to this workshop.

Learning by Doing - Year 1 & 2 community approach pedestrian training workshop

The Learning by Doing workshop is a 4 week pedestrian training scheme that involves recruiting parent volunteers to deliver the training to children. On road sessions are carried out once a week for 35 minutes per group. Children will learn about the Green Cross Code and why it is important to stay away from traffic. The sessions also aims to raise awareness of traffic conditions in and around the roadside.

Think About It - Year 3 pedestrian training workshop

The workshop is split into two sessions. Session 1 is in-class and pupils explore rules, risks and how senses are used in road safety. Session 2 is on-road and involves pupils carrying out traffic surveys as well as identifying risks.

Who's Taking a Risk? - Year 4 pedestrian training workshop

The workshop is split into two sessions with session 1 being in-class and session 2 being on-road. Pupils explore rules, risks and consequences using an activity book. During the on-road session pupils have the opportunity to identify both safe and unsafe places to cross the road.

Keep Thinking - Year 5 pedestrian training workshop

The workshop is approximately one hour duration including in-class and on-road activities. Pupils learn about the importance of traffic calming measures and safer crossing places. At the road-side pupils carry out their own risk assessment and look at traffic speed.

New Journey - Year 6 transition workshop

During a one hour session pupils will take part in an interactive road safety quiz. This will form the basis of discussions about road safety issues and concerns relating to the journey to and from secondary school. Pupils will receive a file containing advice and guidance on planning safe journeys.

For more information about our workshops for schools, please contact the appropriate Road Safety Officer below.

North Birmingham: Paul Ruffle on 0121 303 7606

East Birmingham: Marie Craddock on 0121 675 6517 or Jenny Coombs 0121 303 7674

South Birmingham: Fareeda Akbar on 0121 303 7471

West Birmingham: Melanie Braybrook on 0121 303 1244

For further information contact the Road Safety Education Team on 0121 303 7683.