Birmingham City Council

Streets Ahead on Safety

The Streets Ahead on Safety (SAOS) project lies within a multi-ethnic area in East Birmingham which has a high level of road accident casualties. Over the past six years a team of engineers and Road Safety Education Officers has been implementing engineering features and education, training and publicity projects, all striving to make it safer and easier for people to get around.

Some of the educational activities which have taken place are:

  • Pedestrian training in a large number of schools, colleges, and community centres in the area
  • Child car seat checking and advice events to remind people of the importance of using the correct child car seat
  • A new Steward Scheme aimed at places of worhsip and community centres to assist children when crossing the road
  • A new road safety photo book, particularly useful for those in the community who speak little or no English

For further information about the SAOS educational projects contact Jenny Coombs on 0121 303 7674 or email

If you have any queries regarding the engineering works please email -

For further information contact the Road Safety Education Team on 0121 303 7683.