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Wholesale Market - Buying and Selling

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The Wholesale Market is situated on a 21 acre complex right in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. It includes Horticultural, Meat, Fish and Poultry Markets, as well as warehousing and ancillary accommodation and is open for trading :-

Monday to Friday from 4am to 11.15am
Saturday from 4am to 9.15am.

The Wholesale Market offers prospective tenants:-
- a business in the largest integrated Wholesale Market in the UK
- a Markets Control Centre operational 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, allowing deliveries around the clock.
- excellent motorway links.
- six day week trading.
- parking facilities.
- approximately 13,000 customer visits each week.
- cleaning and refuse removal.

For further information on wholesale units available for short term letting, use the Markets General Enquiry Form

Access in a private vehicle will require an entry pass which can be obtained from the Control Centre at the Wholesale Markets main entrance in Pershore Street. You will be asked for proof to demonstrate that you are a retail trader. Please contact the control centre on 0121 303 0250 in the first instance.

Horticultural Market
Built in a basic Y shape (25,300 square metres) facing an internal roadway, produce is displayed for buyers, whilst deliveries can be made from the perimeter of the building. The internal roadway has a clear span of 15 metres and the depth of each unit is 28 metres including an unsecured night unloading area. There are two basic sizes of units, with frontages, of 7.2 or 5.5 metres.

In order to accommodate smaller companies, a number of basic units in the central area have been divided into small halls and these are intersected by additional buying and trucking corridors. The market meets the EU Hygiene of Foodstuffs Directive standards. Although the market is single storey, office facilities are provided along the perimeter at mezzanine level. Average rent of a standard unit is £9,050.00 exclusive.

Meat Market
This is a two storey building which accommodates 34 units (3,500 square metres) and has a central, chilled buyers walkway at ground level. The first floor provides accommodation for storage and offices. Average rent of a standard unit is £5,000.00 exclusive.

The market meets EU Red Meat Directive standards.

Fish and Poultry Market
This is a two storey building which accommodates 36 units (3,000 square metres) and has a central, chilled buyers walkway. Accommodation for storage and offices is available on the first floor. Average rent for a standard unit is £4,500.00 exclusive.

The market meets EU Directive standards for Fish and Fishery Products and Poultry Meats.

Ancillary Accommodation
30 self-contained warehouses are located in two large single storey buildings. Warehouse units range from 1,200 to 2,500 square metres and the average rent for a standard unit is £10,000.00 exclusive. In addition various goods are sold from shop units.

Telephone: 0121 303 0250 or 0121 303 0258 or 0121 303 0253

If you receive an invoice for Market Services visit our How to Pay page for details on the various methods for how payment can be made.