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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk



Asset Register 2012/13 Accounts

At Birmingham we are committed to publishing our Fixed Asset Register.

The attached annual reports list the assets that are recorded on our Finance Fixed Asset Register.

This is a list of all of the Council’s assets that are recognised on the Council’s 2012/13 balance sheet, listed in alphabetical order. Please note that land and building assets are shown separately as are some components. This list also includes intangible assets, infrastructure assets, community and heritage assets and vehicles.

The register will be published annually.

In the interests of keeping the costs of publication to a minimum, the Council has published the data in a plain, simple .pdf and excel format.

If you require further information about the asset register, please contact foi@birmingham.gov.uk setting out the details of your enquiry and what additional information you require. Such request will be handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and the Council aims to be able to provide a response to your query within 20 working days.


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