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Corporate Marketing

Marketing involves bringing together a number of activities into a mix to target specific audiences. It may involve some of all of the things listed. Where we do not deliver specific services, we may support through commissioning - for instance specific customer or market research and specialist services required to produce campaigns (eg. filming, or where capacity does not allow the in-house team to fully deliver).

The process involves:

  • Taking the brief
  • Gathering or undertaking research
  • Thinking and analysis
  • Strategy and planning
  • Creative brainstorming, ideas and art direction, messages
  • Implementation:
    • Writing copy
    • Producing visuals
    • Campaign planning and buying
    • Delivery
    • Campaign management
    • Evaluation
    • Feedback to client

Marketing can be strategic - involving all aspects of a business either council or directorate service - or tactical such as launching a product, service or initiative and may only involve a specific group of service users or residents
Marketing works best with a long lead time and sufficient time for a

campaign to work
We normally plan 12 months ahead or at a minimum of 6 months. This is because:
we work from a forward plan agreed by CMT/EMT
Shorter timeframes may be accommodated on the basis of priority and capacity within the marketing team

What we need from you:

  • Clear brief on product, service, initiative
  • Budget
  • Aims and objectives
  • Targets
  • Priority - strategic or statutory
    • New, existing, business as usual

We will give you an early indication of timeframe and allocate a marketing officer to develop and manage the plan or commission where necessary.

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