Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Democratic Services

Democratic Services is a key corporate support service of the City Council. Its services underpin the governance arrangements of the local authority and its modern democratic principles of greater accountability, openness and transparency.

The service provides a range of administrative support services to the elected Members and Officers of the City Council and the people of Birmingham.

Democratic Services comprises:

  • Committee Management;
  • Members Support Services;
  • Lord Mayor’s Parlour and Citizenship Office.

Democratic Services supports the City Council’s key objective to achieve ‘Excellence in its Communities’ by providing a comprehensive meetings management service covering the network of 40 Ward and 10 Constituency areas across the City. Democratic Services are working to ensure their services meet the Council’s wider vision for:

  • Providing Excellent Services;
  • Ensuring services are connected and customer focussed;
  • Enabling it's citizens to make a contribution and play their part.

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