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Community Right to Bid - Step 2

Step 2: The Council decides whether to list the asset

When a nomination is received the Council has to decide whether it meets the definition of an ‘asset of community value’ set out in the legislation.

Nomination accepted:

If the asset meets the definition, is in the local area and is not in an excluded category then the Council must list it as an asset of community value. Assets will remain on the list for five years and then will be removed, although the asset can be nominated again.

If an asset is listed, the Council will inform the owner, occupier and the organisation who made the nomination. The Council has eight weeks to decide whether or not to list the nominated asset.

If the owner of the asset is unhappy that it has been listed, they can ask the Council, in writing, to review the decision. If the review is successful then the asset will be removed from the list, if unsuccessful they have a further right to appeal to an independent tribunal.

The owner of an asset may be entitled to claim compensation for loss or expenses incurred as a direct result of the listing of the asset. Claims must be made in writing before the end of 13 weeks after the loss or expense was incurred or finished being incurred. A claim must state the amount of compensation sought for each part of the claim and be accompanied by supporting evidence for each part of the claim.

A copy of the Council's Listing and Compensation review procedure is attached below

Nomination rejected:

If the Council decide that the nominated asset is not of community value and decide not to list the asset, we will provide the organisation who made the nomination with written reasons for this.

Below is the Register of Assets of Community Value and details of rejected nominations.

 PDF Assets of Community Value - REGISTER (Size: 23.4 Kb Type: PDF )

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