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Community Right to Bid - Step 1

Step 1: The Council receives a nomination from a community group

Who can nominate an asset?

Parish councils or voluntary or community organisations with a local connection can nominate land or buildings that are important to them and are in their local area.

What is an asset of community value?

For an asset to be listed its current primary use, or primary use in the recent past, must contribute to the social well-being or social interests of the community and be likely to do so in the future. Social interests include cultural, recreational and sporting interests. (There are some assets that are excluded from being listed, these are generally residential accommodation).

How to nominate an asset.

Once the Parish council or voluntary or community organisation with a local connection has recognised that there may be an asset of community value in their area, and that they have an interest in the retention of the property for use by the community, they will need to nominate the asset by completing the Assets of Community Value nomination form (see form attached below). This should be sent to Dianne Cull, Corporate Strategy Team, Birmingham City Council, Room M49b, Ground Floor, Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BB or email dianne.cull@birmingham.gov.uk If completed correctly this will provide us with all the information we need to make a decision and should include:

• The applicant’s details;

• Evidence of the organisation’s legal status, site plan;

• Details of the nominated asset, including a description, its proposed boundaries, the names of the current occupants, the names and current or last know addresses of all those holding a freehold or leasehold interest in the land;

• Reasons for nominating the asset – why it is of community value;

• Evidence that the organisation is eligible to make the nomination.