Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Corporate Performance Monitoring

Birmingham City Council is working to become an excellent council. To achieve this, we regularly take a robust look at our performance - celebrating our significant improvements, and focusing attention on the areas where we need to do better.

What do we report on?

Council Plan Measures: The Performance Management Team creates Quarterly Reports for Cabinet to ensure the Council remains on track to achieve the vision for Birmingham set out in the Council Business Plan and the Sustainable Community Strategy. The Council reports on its Council Plan measures each quarter (June, September and December 2010) and at the end of the financial year (March 2011), a final report is produced looking back over the year.

National Indicators Set (NIS): We also report on the National Indicators Set (NIS) although in October 2010, changes to Local Authority Performance arrangements were announced by the Local Government Secretary, Eric Pickles. This included the ending of the NIS and a plan to develop a single comprehensive data list with the local sector by early 2011. More information on the transition from the NIS to the new single comprehensive data list will follow. In the interim, data collections for the NIS will continue (with the exception of deleted indicators, which can be found on the Audit Commission web site unless the Government makes specific announcements on individual indicators.

Sustainable Community Strategy and the Local Area Agreement (LAA): Our partner Be Birmingham (the Local Strategic Partnership) monitors performance against the Sustainable Community Strategy and the Local Area Agreement (LAA) performance indicators which the council contribute towards.

What do we do to help improve services?

Test Improvement Plans:To continually improve our services the information we compile is used by Senior Management and Councillors to challenge and improve services which are underperforming. This is taken forward further with governance processes in place to test the improvement plans of council plan measures that are consistently underperforming against their target.

Benchmark ourselves: We also compare our performance against other Local Authorities to help us improve as well as recognise good work within the Council.

Ensure Data Quality: To secure the accuracy of performance data we carry out checks and balances. Government appointed auditors also make checks and take a tough line with those who do not publish accurate data. Find out more about Data Quality.

Audited by Government bodies: We take forward audit inspections recommendations. The last inspection carried out was under the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA). However, confirmation has been received of the decision by the new government to abolish CAA.

If you would like to find out more about the corporate performance monitoring email performance@birmingham.gov.uk

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